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SMX still in progress

2017-02-04 18:07:10 by Mrjerkdude

hey guys I just wanted to give you an update about what's happening. Im taking so long because of this new character sprite im "recoloring" (idk how ya say it) but all I can tell about him is that he big plans. Im also working as level designer on a sone adventure 3 fan game with a guy called GalaxySoftwareStudios. I also learn how to make games on Gamemaker studio so I wanna teach my self the language. My dream of becoming a manga artist. School im getting good grades(except of math I still gotta use some time at it). Writing stories for this game. Jogging time. And im almost finished animating the intro and when im finishes I can finally create the main menu and cut scenes YAYY and the battles oh you im also in the school band(probably quitting I've been there for 6 years now :3) PLUS ULTRA!!






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